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The pilot for the Amazon show finds the Honorable Judge Harris grappling with a litany of conflicting feelings: His son is comatose following a suicide attempt; his daughter-in-law was recently sexually assaulted; he's married but he's trying to break off an affair with a call girl.

Most troubling of all, Harris has begun seeing visions, leading him to carry out brutal, murderous acts of vengeance.

"It's one of these things that comes out differently depending on who it's coming out of." The trick, he says, was figuring out how a tough-as-nails character like Harris would react to the Lord flowing through him.

"Some people do it very calmly and collectedly, and some people are just shaking and out of control," he says, speaking typically slowly.

Annaud later revealed that when he contacted Perlman to ask him about playing Salvatore in The Name of the Rose (1986), Perlman was thinking of abandoning his career.

Perlman Place of Birth: Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York City, New York, U. Date of Birth: April 13, 1950 Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish Ron Perlman is an American actor, director, and animator. Moses was born in New York, to German Jewish parents. Ron’s maternal grandparents were Jack Rosen and Rosie. Sources: of Ron’s father (focusing on his own mother’s side) – https://com Ron’s father on the 1930 U. Census – https://Ron’s paternal grandmother, Rebecca Nussbaum, on the 1900 U. Census – https://I think you mean a face with “character”. returns with Ron Perlman starring as Judge Pernell Harris.The hard-living, law-bending king of San Vicente, “Judge Maximum” has finally hit bottom as he faces trial for the murder of a cop.Perlman attended George Washington High School and Lehman College (both in New York) in 1971, which did not have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre degree available at that time.He has said that he and his father were "very close" and that it was his father, after seeing Perlman in a college production of Guys and Dolls, who told him, "You have to do this... You gotta do this." Perlman later said, "So, he gave me permission to be an actor." Perlman started his career as a stage actor, appearing in various productions, and made his feature film debut in Jean-Jacques Annaud's film Quest for Fire (1981).

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