Updating excel using ado net

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Database-specific providers usually access the underlying data store directly and offer the best performance, broadest functionality, and support for database-specific features.Since a data provider needs only to implement a set of standard interfaces, the capabilities and performance of data providers for the same data source can differ significantly.At times, we may have requirement where we need to upload the data in a excel sheet to a SQL server table.

With the above things in place, we will move forward and import the excel sheet data to Employees table using Sql Bulk Upload class. Thus, in this article we have understood using the Sql Bulk Copy class for efficiently uploading the excel data which does the task at a shot.

Import/Upload Excel Sheet data to Sql Server in C# and Asp.

Net One of my previous article, Doing Bulk Upload/Insert of Data Table to a Table in SQL server in C# demonstrated how to upload a Data Table to a SQL server table using Sql Bulk Copy class.

While Excel is not a proper database, it is possible to connect to Excel files using ADO.

This can be a convenient tool for importing Excel data into your database, or in situations where your first thought might be to use Excel automation.

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