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The slaves, led by a man named Cinque (Djimon Hounsou), commanded the last remaining sailors to return them to Africa but were instead conveyed to New York, where they were brought to trial for murder.

Contemporaries immediately recognized the general's ''Commentaries on the Gallic War'' as a masterpiece, and Goldsworthy compares their style to Churchill's, even if ''the modern reader may sometimes balk'' at its ''catalog of unabashed imperialism, massacre, mass execution and enslavement'' in a province that included most of modern France.A few replaceable things attach experiences, such as faithful designer clothing and fast cars, but the memories won't attach to replacements.The allure of the original item is that it helps remind.Matthew Mc Conaughey receives a great deal of screen time as the young, unproven (and therefore Grishamite) lawyer who first takes Cinque's case in a regional district court and who grows further and further invested in the stakes of the case.The figure of the compassionate white civil servant has grown utterly shopworn as a device for telling what should be the story of non-white persons or cultures in crisis.

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