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This new twist on the ever-popular matchmaking format takes the notion of "blind date" to its literal extreme as Aussie guys and girls have various liaisons in pitch-black conditions over several days. And if so, will they still want to pursue a relationship when they each know what the other looks like?Hosted by celebrity model and 2008's Miss Universe Australia, Laura Dundovic, Dating In The Dark combines cheeky voyeurism with irresistible insights into how human relationships really work.For an Instagram generation, the question is perhaps more interesting than ever, and we’re really excited to be bringing to ITV2.” Cat Lawson, head of entertainment at Twofour and series executive producer said: “The format is truly brilliant.It questions the perceptions and judgments we all make in our quest for finding love.Then, details from the night of the fire show who killed Wes, testing Annalise's and the Keating 4's desire for self-preservation.Update EDIT (): A multifaceted and complex plot with a dark soul that will seduce you with its promise of truth and leave you willing to sell your soul to the devil to get a glimpse of what may be a mere lie. All of the characters are developing as layered and flawed.There isn't much I can say about the plot without giving spoilers, so I just encourage anyone who likes a twisty thriller to give it a go!

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Unable to see, she must rely on her other senses – will she find true love?Cameras catch all the action using night-vision technology.At the end of each episode contestants get a chance to see each other in the light of day, and decide whether or not to pursue their relationship.Three men and three women are sequestered in separate wings of the house, unable to have any conversation or contact with the opposite sex unless in the dark room.ranker requires that your browser support javascript, most of our functions wont work with javascript disabled.mario lopez, heidi mueller ; 34 46 - 216 ochocinco: the ultimate catch joshua funk, ochocinco ; 35 42 - 203 age of love mark philippoussis^!

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