Subclipse error validating location

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I've long worked on Linux using Eclipse Europa and Polarion Subversive (and not Subclipse) there.

However, I have recently found that I can't seem to make Subversive work; it's too complicated.

If the Eden space starts filling up then minor garbage collector runs and shifts the old objects to the Tenured Generation space so that space is available for creation of new objects in Eden space.Based on the post below, I think the problem is that my firewall is not allowing Web DAV. (I'll need the proof to get the firewall guy off his (! I am working at a client PC, where Firewall prohibits usage of Web DAV to connect to SVN service. The proxy should be configured to proxy Web DAV commands though (REPORT, PROPFIND, and friends).-- svn console --- RA layer request failed svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/svn' svn: PROPFIND of '/svn': could not connect to server ( -- svn console --- The author goes on to explain how he's trying to use tunneling to the server using Putty / SSH. If the proxy does not do that (or incorrectly caches data) subversion cannot be used over http.You can even decide the initial and max sizes of the young space with parameters Eden Space: All the objects either created inside the methods or as class member variables are created in the Eden space.Space allocated to objects created inside the methods is reclaimed after the method execution is over.

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