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But the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Mr Paterson who overnight became the poster boy for the movement after he was pictured with his fist raised, while wearing a Eureka Stockade singlet and Australia flag cape, believed he was making a stand against overseas refugee migration to Australia.

The dash cam footage shows motorists leave their cars to assist and call emergency services.

The first European to explore the area was Lieutenant John Shortland in September 1797.

His discovery of the area was largely accidental; as he had been sent in search of a number of convicts who had seized the HMS Cumberland as she was sailing from Sydney Cove.

Over 5,534 Aboriginal artefacts were recovered, representing three Aboriginal occupation periods dating from 6,716 - 6,502 years BP (before present) and identified as a site of ‘high to exceptional cultural and scientific significance’.

Over the millennia, the artefacts manufactured there, on what came to be known as Cottage Creek, were probably traded across the region, and across many tribal territories.

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