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[Intro] Alright, hold on [Verse 1] If I was being honest I'd say long as I could fuck three times a day and not skip a meal I'm good I used to work on my feet for 7 dollars a hour Call my momma like momma I ain't making minimum wage momma I'm on momma I'm on Now I'm making 400, 600, 800K momma To stand on my feet momma Play these songs, it's therapy momma They paying me momma I should be paying them I should be paying y'all honest to God I'm just a guy I'm not a god Sometimes I feel like I'm a god but I'm not a god If I was I don't know which heaven would have me momma Let me run this bitch I'ma run it into the ground momma, the whole galaxy God damn, fuck these lames, they don't want none Fuck these lames, they don't want none Fuck these niggas Fuck these niggas, they don't want none Fuck these niggas Fuck you niggas Fuck me if I hated on you [Verse 2] I'ma stick around I'm gon' let my nuts hang Nigga you got some just like me don't you? Or maybe not just like me You know I'm Africano Americano And even if you're half Japanese They tryna find 2Pac Don't let 'em find 2Pac He evade the press He escape the stress La da da da da La da da da da La da da da da [Verse 3] I'll keep quiet and let you run your phone bill up I know you love to talk I ain't on your schedule I ain't on no schedule I ain't had me a job since 2009 I ain't on no sales floor You say I'm changing on you I feel like Selena They wanna murder a nigga Murder me like Selena You must ain't get the memo I don't cut bitches no more But your bitch my exception Come get her outta my four door I only got one four door Remember when I had that Lexus, no Our friendship don't go back that far Tyler slept on my sofa yeah Niggas go back that far I ain't smoked all year This the last song so I'm finna wipe that off Tolerance is so low Still smoke a whole 'gar Menage on my birthday Tap out on the first stroke Cause this ain't no work day She don't give head anyway Cuz what niggas say That's what she tell her man What a difference distance makes Niggas want fight in the streets Now shit starting to make my hands hurt Jay hit me on the email Said I oughta act my net worth Dog this is chess now, not fetch I ain't runnin' for a nigga Ain't ran since track meet That's the only time I ran from a nigga You could change this track now Could've changed this bitch a long time ago Know and know Know and know Shout out to Hollygrove I'm from that 7th though Twins know and Lance know Clark know and Matt know Shit went 180 on me Please run that back though Tucks til 24 [Skit] You say some shit about me? [Silent Interlude] [Outro Interview] Interviewer: Make sure you speak up Ryan: Okay Interviewer: What's your name? to meet people online where they can assess whether there's a match before entering into complicated human emotions.And when it comes to NSA hookups and casual encounters, nothing beats online dating for getting results.Posted: , Author: Dikihu The P90X workout schedule is broken up into 11 dvd routines plus an additional 12th dvd for ab exercises called Ab Ripper.

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