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In 2014, the well-established, Austin-based contemporary arts festival Fusebox conducted an experiment.They wondered what would happen if they made the festival free for all attendees.Research has consistently demonstrated that the criminalization of sex work and the police response to it continues to force sex workers to move to more hidden street and indoor locations; reduces their ability to screen prospective clients and to negotiate terms of sexual transactions, such as condom use; and limits access to health services including HIV care.Montreal Pussy has the hottest live sex chat rooms around, with free access to some of the hottest camgirls, couples, lesbians, and group sex live cams around.John Moletress isn’t a sex worker, but they play one on T. A live audience watches the performance, while also viewing a big screen monitor of the webcam performance.The gallery audience can login to Cam4 and participate in the live chat with other viewers from around the world.

Sex workers experience a disproportionately high burden of HIV in Canada and globally, in large part driven by structural factors (such as criminalization, physical and sexual violence, stigma, lack of access to services) that impact sex workers’ vulnerability to HIV.Blow Cast, the virtual on-demand blow job marketplace (!), is being touted as "the i Tunes of blow jobs." Users can buy fake blow jobs from Cam Soda models, who simulate oral sex through a program that sends signals to a a vibrating sleeve being used by the buyer. , prices are pretty damn reasonable: "Blow Cast only hosts simulated blow jobs from 50 different female models who work with Cam Soda.with all aspects of teledildonics and virtual-reality porn gimmicks, it's no surprise the virtual-sex play would now be available for blow jobs.The fact that people can't even be bothered to leave the house for a knobber is yet another indicator that the end of days is upon us.

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