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View upcoming points of interest as you motor along so you can pull over with plenty of time if one catches your eye.

Steer clear of highways or tolls with the route avoidance feature.

This link will also give you a list of which Garmin units are compatible with the POI Loader. S., there are three websites we are currently aware of which have commercially produced POI files. There is now a very good selection from these sites, including redlight cameras and business listings.

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Direct Access simplifies navigating to select destinations, like airports and shopping malls, by finding a place within a larger location.

Best of all, Up Ahead is customizable, so you can always know the location of favorite destinations along your route.

You can access Up Ahead and other useful information from the map tools panel.

The Garmin POI Loader allows a user to download to most of the newer Garmin GPS units 'points of interest.' You might say that these are nothing more than waypoints, but can be loaded in very large quantities and can be in specific categories, such restaurant chains, stores, speed warnings and red-light cameras.

Garmin has We recommend you have the latest version of the software, you can download it here.

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