Dating ethiopian jewish service

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Federations have also provided critical assistance in Israel, helping Ethiopian Jews to acclimate to their new surroundings and be absorbed into Israeli life.It has been a truly remarkable journey for Ethiopia’s Jews.Although organized anti-African protests and attacks seem to have become less frequent in south Tel Aviv, a group of friends encounters a new type of organized racism during the city’s “White Night” celebrations.

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Traditionally, the day is split into two: A lengthy service featuring prayers, supplications and fasting, and a festive meal at night.Bryan was among 43 travelers from Federations across the United States who accompanied 58 Ethiopian Jews making aliyah to Israel.Mission participants took part in the final airlift mission carried out by The Jewish Federations of North America in Ethiopia, an historic event termed “Completing the Journey.” Looking back Over three decades, Jewish Federations have helped bring nearly 100,000 Ethiopian Jews home to Israel, working in close collaboration with the Government of Israel, the Jewish Agency and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).Rather, he was in the remote region of Gondar at a Jewish Community Center in Ethiopia run by the Jewish Agency for Israel.“It was a surreal experience to see these Jews, who don’t look like us and are halfway around the world, having a service in Hebrew that sounds as familiar as the service at my own synagogue down the street,” said Drowos.

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