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You probably know the basics of sending a direct message on Instagram.

But I bet you don’t know that there are a #Shit Ton of other ways to use the direct message feature.

When texting non-Signal users you are given the option to invite them to Signal, or can simply send a message as normal via (unencrypted) SMS.

Note that in the past Text Secure allowed users to send encrypted messages over SMS (as opposed to the internet), but this feature was removed from Text Secure due to lack of interest, and is not present in Signal.) In addition to sending messages, you can “phone” contacts from within the Signal app.

If the contact is not a Signal user then the app loads the contact’s telephone number into your regular phone dialer, ready for a normal (unencrypted and liable to your regular phone charges) phone call.

Welcome to the Erindi Private Game Reserve official website.

As far as security is concerned, it is probably the best option currently available for keeping your text and voice conversations private.

Text Secure and Red Phone were Android apps developed by security outfit Open Whisper Systems.

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Old Traders Lodge is the perfect base for your forays into the exhilarating bush, our spacious suites have all the charm, comfort and conveniences you’d expect of a top-flight resort.Spot various game species while walking through the Camp, on the deck, or from your suite patio.Rugged with a touch of comfort and style, surrounded by unspoilt, game-rich bush...If the contact is another Signal user then the call is encrypted and routed over the internet (similar to Skype, but much more secure.And as with Skype, calls made in this way are free).

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