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When the doctor failed to pay, a case of rape was registered and the doctor was also sent to jail.She grew up in the red light area of Kamathiputra, was abused as a child by her step-father. Shweta grew up in a brothel in Mumbai’s red light area, was abused as a child, but she has left all that behind and is keen to go the US for higher studies. But I was scared to tell anyone, even my mother because I knew that I would be blamed”However, she has often quoted that her mother, who worked as a domestic help at a brothel, has been her biggest strength.

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The total amount of undeclared goods she had was estimated at Rs 10 lakh.On searching Bacchu Ali's baggage, along with gold ornaments worth Rs 6.5 lakh ,the officers stumbled upon kinky lingerie and sex toys.According to the officers, Ali was carrying gadgets like vibrators and feather sex toys.Left with no choice, Lata worked as a sex worker for 6 years.She re-married one of her clients, who too, moved her to another brothel – a suburban one in Kamathipura of Mumbai.

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