Big gay sketch show speeddating

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Amanda Bearse (Married with Children, director of numerous episodes of Mad TV) is the series director.Pocket Gay is every boy and girl's best new playmate in this commercial parody.But for every two or three sketches that revolve around an LGBT character or situation there is one that has nothing to do with sexuality.Rachael Ray trying to survive on a day in New York, parodies of Star Jones, a raw food cooking show, Barbara Bush on QVC, a "Chicago style" exercise class and so on. It's not like there's some mad overflow of gay sketch comedy shows on the air that this is some copycat show.As the name indicates, the show features comedy sketches with gay themes or a gay twist.Sketch topics include parodies of old sitcoms like The Honeymooners and The Facts of Life under the Nick at Nite-parodying heading "Logo at Nite", a lesbian speed dating session and an extended send-up of Broadway legend Elaine Stritch working as a Wal-Mart greeter, among other decidedly un-glamorous jobs. In 2009, Logo announced plans for a search for new cast members.Mallory said it was okay to be proud of being just a little bit gay, even if that’s just really liking Kate Mc Kinnon and thinking about her randomly, at odd moments, so now you have to listen to me break down Mc Kinnon’s Angela Merkel impression. If you are Canadian (and probably if you are from Australia, or other places, too) you may not be able to see it. I don’t even know how to write out how she said “eu-mails.” “Eughh-mails?

The program was originally titled The Big Gay Show but was renamed during production.

The Honeymooners like you've never seen them: Rhonda Kramden tries to please her lifetime companion Alice by delivering her a TV.

Elaine Strich can never leave the Broadway stage, even if she's stuck working as a Walmart Greeter.

The show can be hit-and-miss, but when it hits it hits solidly.

The Fitzwilliam sketches are consistently hilarious as are the Chicago style sketches, the Maya Angelou reads from craigslist bits, the sitcom parodies and so on.

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