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It is believed that British immigrants brought the pattern to the American colonies.

The pattern was very popular in Britain in the 1830's, where the quilts were made from materials ranging from chintz to wool to silk.

He intended to use it to produce cloth, however Hannah and her sister used a hand spinning wheel to spin it into thread; Slater was active in religious and welfare organisations in the Pawtucket community, such as the creation of a village Sunday School, and in 1809 a Female Beneficent Society.

Slater was treasurer for the society and her sister Lydia was one of its directors.

As in previous generations, today’s quiltmakers continue to push the boundaries of the medium, blurring the lines that define these paradoxes. The painterly quality of his portrait, as well as the title and the composition itself, evoke American Regionalism, yet the hand-craftedness of the intricately pieced background situates the work within traditional quiltmaking.

Quilt Treasures is a partner project of the Quilt Alliance, Michigan State University Museums, and MATRIX: The Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at Michigan State University. Like, antimony or chrome orange, chrome greens and yellows were popular in the period from about 1860 to 1880 and were produced, often in the home, from highly toxic chemical dye powders. Rich chocolate brown (think the color of a milk chocolate bar, hence the alternate name ‘Hershey’ brown) was often paired with white in quilts.They make quilts at home – for use both on beds and walls – just as they participate in all facets of the giant quilt industry – attending trade shows, following quilt celebrities on social media, adding to their fabric stashes, and buying new gadgets.Some contemporary quiltmakers aim for “scrappy” quilts that evoke a make-do attitude, despite the longstanding demographic reality that quiltmakers tend to be affluent.

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