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I rolled back over to Wendy, my wife and said, “Let’s just stay in bed…it’s so cold out there”.The last time we were stationed here, I spent many days hunting cats, only to receive some of the most humbling lessons in patience, disappointment and expectation management.This is just a new technology to replace the marriage broker of past generations.My Russian great-grandfather had never met his bride until their wedding day. When she lifted her veil, so the story goes, he exclaimed, "She's so ugly! For some reason, I give it a try every five years dating back to when I was 30.Since I’m paying, I send messages when I find a guy who sounds nice. And if you have any online dating stories you want to share, or if you’re out here with me in the wild west of singlehood, let’s commiserate together.Posted Jan 11 2017, pm For me, as I’m sure it did for many of you, 2016 sucked ass. I’m sure you’ve guessed my meaning from the title of this blog. And the pics they choose to be a first impression are, um, interesting. As much as I’d like to forget some of them, they’re seared in my brain so I might as well use them for entertainment purposes.

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A minute of silence went by at which point Wendy threw the toasty covers off of us both, flipped on the blinding light and declared, “We’re going Cat hunting, get up, let’s go!That's really scary, I said to Heather, my 46-year-old trainer. Heather insisted, it was not about a new set of exercises that she was promoting, it was for me to get online on a dating site. We did together, one ninety-year-old man had found my profile interesting -- well, that's a relief. His photo looked a lot younger than his supposed age. A young man in his sixties wrote he wanted to meet me.As I was resisting, stating huge embarrassment, she got onto my computer and signed me up. A couple of days later, she asked how it was going. I wrote back that he's younger than my children and he wrote: "Goodbye, mother" and so ended my online adventure.The problem is that I don't know any older, single men in my social circle, neither do my single women friends.This is obviously the reason for this new way of meeting people.

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